Clients ask us a variety of questions about pensions and quite right too. The decision to retire is one of the biggest life changes we experience bringing feelings that range from excitement to uncertainty.

We also move from a position saving for the future, to spending now and watching our savings reduce to fund our retirement, which is a significant shift in the way we think about our financial positions.

The retirement decision is an exciting opportunity to transition into a different phase of our lives and will start with some fundamental questions such as…

  • Can I afford to change my work / life balance?
  • When can I comfortably retire?
  • Can I afford my dream retirement now?

…and quickly gets into the detail….

  • I have pensions through different employers?
  • Should I opt for a “guaranteed” income in retirement?
  • Should I continue to invest my pension fund to provide me with the income I need?
  • Will my family have access to my pension wealth should I die?

The best way to remove the complexity is to build a financial plan to model your income from your total accumulated wealth. This will help to simplify the retirement options available to you. From the equity in your house through to your pensions and savings, our cash flow planning tool can take in your data and deliver a snapshot of the future and help you shape your retirement to make the very most of your assets.

Download Your Retirement Options Factsheet or contact us to discuss your retirement planning with our Lifestyle Cash flow modeling.
By Andy Robinson  |  September 2018

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