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fmifa Review – Winter 2019 Edition

This edition focuses on the topical issues of investing through volatile times by sharing fmifa’s 7 principles of investing.  It touches on the importance of Will writing and what happens to your pension on death.  On a lighter note, there is an interesting article on understanding the emotions of investing.

fmifa Review – Spring 2018 Edition

This edition focuses on the topical issues of retirement and inheritance, trying to reduce the confusion surrounding the new pension rules, introducing the new Lifetime ISA and using Equity Release to access cash from our homes.

fmifa Review – Spring 2017 Edition

This edition celebrates our 25 year anniversary and looks at a variety of financial subjects including: when is the best time to invest? The new retirement journey and crowdfunding.

Client Proposition Booklet

This booklet provides a glimpse of who fmifa are and how we can work with you. Our retirement and wealth management services are summarised to show how these could help you.

Equity Release Myth Busters

Lifetime Mortgages have changed significantly over the years.  Despite this, there are still myths that need dispelling.  Vanessa has wrote the facts about Equity Release for each of the common myths.

Roadmap to Retirement

A checklist by age to ensure you are on track with your retirement savings. We recommend reviewing this booklet annually.

IHT and Estate Planning Guide

A brochure to provide an introduction on gifting, allocating pension benefits and Inheritance Tax planning.

When I’m Gone Personal File

Writing a will is a priority during the financial planning process, but the softer aspects of how your estate should be dealt with if you die, could be seen as equally as important. Hence, here’s a document to record your wishes in a formal way.

Protection Fact Find

A leaflet to help you identify the most appropriate protection policies you should have in place for you and your family for when you die or if you become ill. It will cover what’s available, who should buy it and who benefits.

7 Principles of investing

The world of investing is overflowing with metaphors, adages and fables, so here are our top seven principles for keeping your focus during periods of uncertainty.

Tax Efficient Savings Fact Sheet

A leaflet to show the different tax mitigation options to consider and the level of risk associated with each option.

Your Retirement Options Fact Sheet

A leaflet to show the different options available when you reach retirement and a list of financial considerations.

Equity Release Fact Sheet

A leaflet to provide additional details on Equity Release. Equity Release can be a highly valuable extension to your retirement planning and a simple, efficient option to help deal with issues surrounding Inheritance Tax.

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