ISA Top-Up Declaration

Please accept this document as confirmation of my instruction to top-up my existing ISA.

ISA Provider:

We assume you have not made an ISA investment elsewhere during this current tax year.

Investment Amount:
(Maximum £20,000)
Select all the following:

Invest this sum across the previously selected funds

My threshold for investment risk remains the same as previously identified

Investing this sum is affordable and leaves me with adequate other reserves for day to day needs and emergencies

I understand the agreed adviser fee will be deducted from the investment amount

I understand the agreed annual adviser fee will be deducted from my fund

Amount to Pay (1% Fee included):

Please note: your Financial Planner will confirm the bank details and your reference code in a separate email.

Your Full Name:
Your Email:
15 April, 2021

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The form has been submitted

Thank you for this confirmation to invest additional funds to your ISA. We will confirm the bank account to transfer the funds and a reference number. Once the top up has been applied to your tax-free investment account, the Client Support Team will confirm this and provide you with an updated valuation.