Risk Profile Questionnaire

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To achieve financial success. I would take financial risks
I would take more financial risk if there was a chance, I could make a lot of money.
I am the kind of person who takes financial risks.
I prefer certainty about the future value of my investments, even if it means making less money.
Rises and falls in the value of my investments would not worry me.
If the value of my investment fell, even for a short time, it would concern me.
I would generally avoid investments whose values rise and fall over time.
I would frequently choose investments offering a steady return rather than those which could rise a lot in value.
Missing an investment opportunity concerns me more than making a loss.
I care more about avoiding losses than making money.
Taking financial risks causes me a lot of stress.
I would regret deciding not to take a risky investment opportunity if it then performed well.
When considering investing, I would describe myself as:
The term I closely associate with financial risk is:
The statement about risk-taking that best describes me is:
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What is your capacity for risk?

These questions are designed to understand how your financial situation might affect how much risk you can take.  Taken together with the previous questions, they will help your adviser provide you with financial advice that is appropriate for your needs.  Please select the most appropriate answer.

Do you have any specific financial goals for this investment? If you have multiple goals, please choose the main one that applies to you.
How much of your investments could you afford to lose without reducing your future standard of living?
When is the earliest you plan to take money from your investments?
How do you plan to take money from your investments?
How likely is it that you will need to take money from your investments earlier than planned?

Your Risk Profile Score:


- Cautious

- Moderately Cautious

- Balanced

- Moderately Adventurous

- Adventurous

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