Bring your cash ISAs to life

Millions of pounds still sit inside cash ISAs earning poor rates of return and this situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. The question is, was it a mistake by investing in the first place? The answer in many cases is no. The reason is having the...

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Not all gifts at Christmas need to be wrapped up

A common question from our clients: If I give money to my children, will they be taxed on it? There is a misconception that you cannot give more than £3,000 in any tax year, but this is not the case. The fact is you can give any amount without triggering any kind of...

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How fm can help make your life better

We believe the best way we can help the happiness and financial health of our clients is by helping them to create a plan focused on their life goals. A recent survey by psychologist Robert Epstein found that 25% of our happiness hinges on how well we’re able to...

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Wycombe Sound radio’s interview with Vanessa

Chris Phillips, afternoon show presenter quizzed Vanessa on many aspects of this increasingly mainstream area of lending. With interest rates now below 3% fixed for life, far from being a last resort, Equity Release has become an essential option to consider when...

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Money – why it’s good to talk

Do you discuss your finances with your nearest and dearest? In many families, having a frank discussion about wealth still remains a taboo Please contact us if you require a copy of our When I’m Gone Guide, available as a hard copy or electronic. However, with younger...

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The lesser-known way to cut the tax on your family estate

Investment gains and dividends received within an ISA are not subject to tax. While, not officially part of the ISA family, Inheritance ISAs have become a popular way of preserving wealth for the next generation. They launched in 2013, when the rules changed to allow...

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What happens to my pension on death?

This question comes up time and time again and it is hardly surprising because the government continue to tinker with the rules. Generally speaking, the rules on death benefits are improving and the diagram below displays the current position. Of course we fully...

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